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How can I pay for lesson tuition?

Tuition can be paid via cash, check or card. If you would like to pay via card, please register through the link on the website for your desired teacher. If you would like to pay via cash or check, register via email with your desired teacher and bring payment to your first lesson of the session. 

How many lessons are included in "weekly" lessons?

There are 14 lessons included in Fall and Spring session lesson tuition.

How many lessons are included in "bi-weekly" lessons?

There are 10 lessons included in Fall and Spring session lesson tuition. Bi-weekly and weekly lessons both factor in the same holiday weeks, which accounts for bi-weekly lessons not being exactly half of weekly lessons.

What is your policy for make up lessons?

Make up lessons will ONLY be held in cases of teacher absence or snow days. All other absences will not be made up. Teachers will hold group "master" classes towards the end of each semester for students who may have missed lessons throughout the semester. 

When is payment due for lessons?

Payment is due at the first lesson of each semester either via card online or cash/check on the day of the first lesson.

When will I be able to hear my child perform?

We hold about 3 formal performances per year. The first is a visit to a nursing home to play carols in December. The second is a practice recital in March. The final performance of the year is a formal recital in late May or early June. This final performance is required for all students in the studio. It is a great chance for students to show off everything they have learned throughout the year! It is also a wonderful opportunity for students to hear other students of differing levels and ages perform!

Will my child have other opportunities to perform?

We try to schedule visits to a nursing home about once per month to give students an opportunity to practice performing for an audience. These visits are informal and a great chance for students to test out their skills in a low stress performance situation.

Do you offer lessons over the summer?

Yes! We strongly recommend that students continue study over the summer! We provide much more flexible scheduling over the summer to accommodate travel and camp schedules. The attendance policy is much more flexible over the summer as well. We just require a week's notice for any changes to the schedule.