The summer session will run from the second week of June through the third week of September. Lessons are quite flexible over the summer, we just need a list of your available weeks over the summer and a week's notice of any changes. There are several different options for the number of weeks you may register for over the summer. You may either register for 5, 8, 10 or 13 lessons. If you choose to select an option with fewer lessons over the summer, our recommendation is to choose a longer lesson time so that we can accomplish more in the weeks we do meet over the summer.


We are also offering a Pre-K through 3rd Grade group class that will meet on Tuesday mornings (not every week) over the summer. We will be working on some strings, some piano and other general music activities during this class. We are also offering a summer chamber orchestra which would meet 6:00 pm-8:00 pm on Monday evenings (not every week). The chamber orchestra is open to anyone currently preparing for Central Districts or who has prepared in the past for Central Districts. 

Register for the group class as well as chamber orchestra here.


Register with one of our teachers for the summer:

Sylvia DiCrescentis

Kathryn Haddad

Brittany Stockwell