Rhythm Series: How to Teach Rhythm in a Meaningful Way

There are many different ways music teachers all over the world teach their students how to read music, especially when it comes to understanding rhythms. Although there is not necessarily a wrong or right way to teach students how to read and understand rhythm, there are more productive ways to do so that help students comprehend how rhythms work. 

As part of a series on our Vivo Strings YouTube channel, Sylvia DiCrescentis has decided to give virtual lessons on how to teach rhythms using music learning theory. Not only will these videos be helpful to teachers they will also be extremely helpful to students because you can play along with the videos making them an essential practice tool for any beginner musician who struggles with rhythm. Each video will consist of a different level of music theory learning and feature either myself (Brittany) or Kathryn Haddad playing the rhythms and Sylvia verbalizing the different rhythmic patterns. To really benefit from these videos you must follow the strategies Sylvia uses in each series: verbalizing the rhythms as well as playing them on your instrument. 

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